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Influence of Light Calcining Hydration of Magnesite on MgO Sintering
Sintered magnesia clinker(also called sintered MgO) was prepared with Mg(OH)2(prepared by light calcining hydration of magnesite) and magnesite as starting materials,respectively,by the technicalExpand
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Comparative Analysis and Simulation of Load Balancing Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cloud Resource
The high-performance large-scale cloud computing resource is the basic condition to achieve cloud computing services, on how the enormous resource scheduling is the successor to the problem of cloud computing Services that must be addressed. Expand
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Genetic Effect Analysis of Quantitative Traits and Selecion of Excellent Population in Betula platyphylla var. mandshurica Hara.
Betula platyphylla var. mandshurica Hara. is a geographical variant of B. platyphylla Suk. with strong adaptability,rapid growth,fine texture,wide application and other notable features. In order toExpand
Brand-new Function of Well-designed Ionic Liquid: Inhibitor of Tumor Cell Growth
An investigation into the effect of several novel well-designed guanidinium salt ionic liquids(GILs) on inhibitting tumor growth is described. The GILs which have longer alkyl chain(6―18 carbonExpand
Structural characteristics and biological functions of the HIV-1 gp120 V3 region
Recent studies demonstrate that the V3 loop of HIV-1 gp120 plays an important role in the attachment of HIV-1 to the target cells. Several amino acids in this domain are involved in the interactionExpand
词法并且在 vitro 的人的网膜的神经胶质子类型的 immunocytochemical 分析
AIM:To examine the morphological characteristics and antigen expression patterns of cultured human retinal glia to define novel subtypes.METHODS:Morphologic characteristics and marker expression wereExpand
Acoustic numerical simulation for VTI media
The generality to anisotropy of the earth media can be proved by a lot of research and observation , which is shown by the elastic parameters of the seismic wave changes with the direction ofExpand
Parametric Rao test for multichannel adaptive detection of range-spread target in partially homogeneous environments
In this paper we deal with the problem of detecting a multi-channel signal of range-spread target in the presence of Gaussian disturbance with an unknown covariance matrix. In particular, we consid...