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Removal of As(V) from Drinking Water by Activated Carbon Loaded with Fe(III) Adsorbent
An effective adsorbent for removal of arsenate from aqueous system was synthesized by loading ferrihydrite on activated carbon.The effects of carbon types,particle size,solution pH,Fe(Ⅲ)Expand
A Study of Industry Innovation Path in the Context of Modularization
At present industries have gone into the period of modularization development,industry innovation presents new characteristics,module innovation and module reorganization cause not only efficientExpand
Tax Regulation and Income Redistribution:A Literature Review
This paper reviews and compares the recent literature both in Chinese and in English on tax regulation and income redistribution and presents the prospects for future researches in China. LatestExpand
Study on Wastewater Treatment by Titania Dioxide Photocatalyst for Repulped Papermaking Plants
A new method on treating wastewater of repulped papermaking plants by means of photo-catalyzed oxidation TiO_2 as the catalyst was introduced in this paper.the influences of experimental parametersExpand
Lubricating Improvement for Valve Forging Die and Comparison Analysis
Introducing the lubricative improvement for valve forging die,having the contrast testing for both butter and DF1105,explaining of using atomization insufflations lubricant DF1105 on valve forgingExpand
Perfect Chinese Insurance Regulation Institutions after the Expiring of Transition Period for China's Enter into the WTO
The insurance regulation authority,which has the function of institutions supplying,can make up the defects of market.While regulation institutions sometimes can't attain the best level,both excessExpand
A Mode Choice Analysis on "Going out" of China's Energy Enterprises
The China's three energy giants,PetroChina,Sinopec and CNOOC implement the strategy of going out actively since 1995.There are 34 countries where these energy enterprises have gone out.Four modes ofExpand
Treatment of Wastewater Containing Phosphate by Fly Ash Adsorbent Loaded with Ferrihydrite
The characteristics of phosphate adsorption on fly ash loaded with ferrihydrite were investigated. The influential factors such as the dosage of adsorbent, concentration of phosphate, solution pH,Expand
Preparation and Photocatalytic Performance of TiO_2-coated Natural Zeolite in Degradation of Papermaking Wastewater
Using Ti(OC4H9)4 and C2H5OH as reaction raw materials, the photocatalyst of TiO2-coated natural zeolite was prepared by sol-gel method. The experimental techniques of XRD and SEM were used toExpand