Shi-Zheng Eric Lin

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A negative event-related potential (ERP) component, known as N170, can be readily recorded over the posterior left brain region when skilled readers are presented with visual words. This left-lateralized word-related N170 has been attributed either to linguistic processes, particularly phonological processing, or to the role of orthographic regularity,(More)
In this study, the release of lysophospholipids (to depict phospholipase A2 activity) and diacylglycerols (DG) (to depict stimulated hydrolysis of polyphosphoinositides) was related to the decapitation-induced release of free fatty acid (FFA) in the mouse brain. To assay for lysophospholipids, Balb/c mice were injected intracerebrally with either(More)
An interesting property of a latch-based design is that the combinational path delay is allowed to be longer than the clock cycle as long as it can "borrow" time from the shorter paths in the subsequent logic stages. This gives designers a lot of flexibility in designing circuits, especially high performance ones. However, it also increases the complexity(More)
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