Shi Ying Lim

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Fluorescent carbon nanoparticles or carbon quantum dots (CQDs) are a new class of carbon nanomaterials that have emerged recently and have garnered much interest as potential competitors to conventional semiconductor quantum dots. In addition to their comparable optical properties, CQDs have the desired advantages of low toxicity, environmental friendliness(More)
Growth in the applications market for many industries has been rapid, but appears much slower for healthcare-related applications. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine whether: (1) the healthcare field was perceived to be a slower adopter of digital solutions than other industries; (2) if so, what barriers contributed to this; and (3) what might(More)
The action and interaction of membrane receptor proteins take place within the plasma membrane. The plasma membrane, however, is not a passive matrix. It rather takes an active role and regulates receptor distribution and function by its composition and the interaction of its lipid components with embedded and surrounding proteins. Furthermore, it is not a(More)
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