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The repair of hair-occluded information is one of the key problems for the precise segmentation and analysis of the skin malignant melanoma image with hairs. Aimed at dermoscopy images of pigmented skin lesions, an unsupervised repair algorithm for the hair-occluded information is proposed in this paper. This algorithm includes three steps: first, the(More)
This work presents a systematic procedure for flight control design of fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles using Matlab platform. The complex, non-linear, six degree-of-freedom dynamics of the vehicle is broken down into longitudinal and lateral dynamics after linearization about a flight condition. Primary control design task includes height, speed and(More)
During recent years a special class of nonlinear dimensionality reduction (NLDR) methods known as manifold learning methods, obtain a lot of attention for low dimension representation of high dimensional data. Most commonly used NLDR methods like Isomap, locally linear embedding, local tangent space alignment, Hessian locally linear embedding, Laplacian(More)
Robot localization can be considered as a cognition process that takes place during a robot estimating metric coordinates with vision. It provides a natural method for revealing the true autonomy of robots. In this paper, a kernel principal component analysis (PCA)-regularized least-square algorithm for robot localization with uncalibrated monocular visual(More)
An algorithm for detecting a maneuvering IR point target in complex background is proposed in this paper. It is based on frame change detection and the reverse phase feature of neighborhood (RPFN) of a maneuvering point target in a first order frame difference image that two positions of the target are near and the gray-values of them are close to in(More)
Most of the classifiers suffer from curse of dimensionality during classification of high dimensional image data. In this paper, we introduce a new supervised nonlinear dimensionality reduction (S-NLDR) algorithm called evolutionary strategy based supervised dimensionality reduction (ESSDR). The ESSDR method uses population based evolutionary strategy (ES)(More)
Object Modeling Technique is widely applied in the field of software engineering; and in this paper we applied this technique to model a mobile robot including its behaviors and interactions with environment. The paper first describes key background knowledge about object oriented analysis in software engineering, behavior based robotics and their(More)
This paper first describes key conceptions about object oriented analysis in software engineering, behavior based robotics and their conceptual similarities. Then, based on these similarities, the paper utilizes object oriented methods of software engineering, such as unified modeling language (UML), to analyze and model the architecture and design(More)
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