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FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting with a Unified Network
We propose a unified end-to-end trainable Fast Oriented Text Spotting (FOTS) network for simultaneous detection and recognition, sharing computation and visual information among the two complementary tasks. Expand
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Fog-computing-based radio access networks: issues and challenges
An F-RAN is presented in this article as a promising paradigm for the fifth generation wireless communication system to provide high spectral and energy efficiency. Expand
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A mitochondrial revelation of early human migrations to the Tibetan Plateau before and after the last glacial maximum.
As the highest plateau surrounded by towering mountain ranges, the Tibetan Plateau was once considered to be one of the last populated areas of modern humans. However, this view has been tremendouslyExpand
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Phosphate starvation of maize inhibits lateral root formation and alters gene expression in the lateral root primordium zone
BackgroundPhosphorus (P) is an essential macronutrient for all living organisms. Maize (Zea mays) is an important human food, animal feed and energy crop throughout the world, and enormous quantitiesExpand
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Major Population Expansion of East Asians Began before Neolithic Time: Evidence of mtDNA Genomes
It is a major question in archaeology and anthropology whether human populations started to grow primarily after the advent of agriculture, i.e., the Neolithic time, especially in East Asia, whichExpand
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Ergodic Capacity Analysis of Remote Radio Head Associations in Cloud Radio Access Networks
In this letter, the single nearest and N-nearest RRH association strategies are presented, and the corresponding impact on the ergodic capacity of C-RANs is analyzed, where RRHs are distributed according to a stationary point process. Expand
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Thio-glucose bound gold nanoparticles enhance radio-cytotoxic targeting of ovarian cancer.
The treatment of ovarian cancer has traditionally been intractable, and required novel approaches to improve therapeutic efficiency. This paper reports that thio-glucose bound gold nanoparticlesExpand
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DDRNet: Depth Map Denoising and Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras Using Cascaded CNNs
We propose a cascaded Depth Denoising and Refinement Network (DDRNet) to tackle this problem by leveraging the multi-frame fused geometry and the accompanying high quality color image through a joint training strategy. Expand
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Robotic gastrectomy versus laparoscopic gastrectomy for gastric cancer: comparison of surgical performance and short-term outcomes
PurposeThis study was designed to compare robot-assisted gastrectomy with laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy in surgical performance and short-term clinical outcomes for gastric cancer and evaluate theExpand
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Phylogenetic evidence for Sino-Tibetan origin in northern China in the Late Neolithic
The study of language origin and divergence is important for understanding the history of human populations and their cultures. The Sino-Tibetan language family is the second largest in the worldExpand
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