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require only a small amount of hand-annotated training, but require this for every relation of interest. This still presents a knowledge engineering bottleneck, when one considers the unbounded number of relations in a diverse corpus such as the web. Shinyama and Sekine (2006) explored unsupervised relation discovery using a clustering algorithm with good(More)
Images taken of 3D objects are generally defocused. Depth-from-focus techniques use the defocus information to determine range. However, quantitative measurement of focus is difficult and requires accurate modeling of the point-spread function (PSF). We describe a new method that determines depth using the symmetry and smoothness of focus gradient with(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite evidence that doulas improve maternal and newborn outcomes, some maternity care professionals have had difficulty both in understanding the role of doulas and in accepting doulas as collaborators. We sought to examine the backgrounds, practices, and professional motivations of doulas and to understand their role and interactions with other(More)
Thirty married couples evaluated the Reality female condom on questionnaires about its acceptability for 300 acts of coitus (10 per couple). An analysis of the summary questionnaires showed: 90% of couples considered the female condom an acceptable method and 87% felt it was a good contraceptive device; the majority of couples (87%) found it easy to use;(More)
There are kinds of corners in the mould feature, and these corners bring many problems to the mould processing. This paper summarizes the current processing problems of die corner and common processing methods in detail. The latest research results including the cutting tool path and the numerical control technology are discussed to solve the corner(More)
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