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RSI : A High-Efficient and Fault-Tolerant Interconnection for Resources-Pooling in Rack Scale
Data centers are originally composed of servers that deal with different services, and have been developed into rack-mounted computers and blade server systems. At the same time, the traffic betweenExpand
Integrated High-Speed Optical SerDes over 100GBd Based on Optical Time Division Multiplexing
An on-chip optical transceiver for transmission system over 100GBd is proposed based on optical time division multiplexing (OTDM) technology, and the performances, such as the insertion loss, theExpand
A New Method for Control-plane Congestion Control in Chip-scale Optical Networks
Recently, various optical networks have been proposed for chip-scale communication on large-scale many-core chips, including optical burst-switching (OBS). The overall throughput of OBS network isExpand
A scalable smart router architecture with intelligent adaptive routing and fault-tolerant management
An optimized aggregated-tile router micro-architecture with the reconfigurable multi-level routing and intelligent adaptive routing schemes to reduce the hardware requirement and optimize the router performance is proposed. Expand