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In this paper, we investigate the structure and properties of cyclic codes over the ring F<inf>2</inf> + vF<inf>2</inf>. We first study the relationship between cyclic codes over F<inf>2</inf> + vF<inf>2</inf> and binary cyclic codes. Then we prove that cyclic codes over the ring are principally generated, and give the generator polynomial of cyclic codes(More)
SUMMARY The ring F p + uF p + · · · + u k−1 F p may be of interest in coding theory, which have already been used in the construction of optimal frequency-hopping sequence. In this work, cyclic codes over F p + uF p + · · ·+u k−1 F p which is an open problem posed in [1] are considered. Namely, the structure of cyclic code over F p + uF p + · · · + u k−1 F(More)
Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) belongs to the genus Lactuca L. and is an important vegetable worldwide. Over the past decades, there have been many controversies about the phylogeny of Lactuca species due to their complex and diverse morphological characters and insufficient molecular sampling. In this study we provide the most extensive molecular phylogenetic(More)
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