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In this paper, we investigate the structure and properties of cyclic codes over the ring F<inf>2</inf> + vF<inf>2</inf>. We first study the relationship between cyclic codes over F<inf>2</inf> + vF<inf>2</inf> and binary cyclic codes. Then we prove that cyclic codes over the ring are principally generated, and give the generator polynomial of cyclic codes(More)
SUMMARY The ring F p + uF p + · · · + u k−1 F p may be of interest in coding theory, which have already been used in the construction of optimal frequency-hopping sequence. In this work, cyclic codes over F p + uF p + · · ·+u k−1 F p which is an open problem posed in [1] are considered. Namely, the structure of cyclic code over F p + uF p + · · · + u k−1 F(More)
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