Shi-Tong Wang

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A fuzzy kernel diccriminant analysis algorithm (FKDA) is proposed in this paper, which is the kernel version of the fuzzy fisherface method. First, KPCA is performed on the training data. Then fuzzy k-nearest neighbor (FKNN) is introduced to find the mean vectors of each class. Fuzzy scatter matrices are derived for fuzzy LDA in the kernel space. The(More)
In this paper the client specific kernel discriminant analysis (CSKDA) is studied. The theory of CSKDA, which is the nonlinear model of the previously suggested model of client specific linear discriminant analysis, is proposed by using kernel technique. A new CSKDA subspace method is developed in order to reduce the computational complexity. Results of(More)
Clustering aims to study the instance distribution in scale-space. Its characteristics are very similar to the particle world in quantum mechanism. The probability wave function describes the distribution of particle, and the Schrodinger equation is the major methodology of solving for wave function when restricted boundary condition is given.Once wave(More)
Optimal discriminant plane is an important feature extraction method in machine learning, pattern recognition and image processing, etc. Based on this, Zhao et al. presented a hybrid optimal discriminant plane method by integrating uncorrelated and orthogonal discriminant vectors together. As the same to optimal discriminant plane, it is a supervised(More)
Optimal discriminant plane based on Fisher criterion function is an important supervised feature extraction method and has great influence in the area of pattern recognition. In this paper, an extension of optimal discriminant plane in unsupervised pattern is presented. The basic idea is to optimize the defined fuzzy Fisher criterion function to figure out(More)
In this paper, we first propose a method to transform from LDA to PCA with the discriminative information embedded in a whitening transformation, and then we propose a simple support vector machine formulation to LDA. The results of experiments of face recognition conducted on ORL database show the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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