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Computed tomography (CT) radiation dose can be reduced significantly by region of interest (ROI) CT scan. Automatically positioning the heart in CT scout images is an essential step to realize the ROI CT scan of the heart. This paper proposed a fully automatic heart positioning method in CT scout image, including the anteroposterior (A-P) scout image and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappaB) and pulmonary injury in amniotic fluid embolism model of rat. METHODS Seventy female Wistar rats were divided into five groups randomly: control group (6), amniotic fluid group (16), amniotic fluid + dexamethasone group (14), meconium group (20) and meconium +(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the activity and role of tryptase after entrance of amniotic fluid into blood in rats. METHODS Thirty female Wistar rats (20 day pregnancy) were divided into the control group (10, injected with normal saline), amniotic group (10, injected with amniotic fluid), meconium group (10, injected with 1% meconium). After injection,(More)
The rigid registration is a key step of Image Guided Surgery (IGS), and the point-pair method is the main way used for registration. However the configuration of fiducial points has a great influence on the registration accuracy at the target point. Now almost all the optimization method of fiducial points configuration relies on the empirical(More)
The aim of the present study was to explore the effect of aloe-emodin (AE)-induced photodynamic activity in human gastric cancer cells. AE was used as a photosensitizer to explore the effect of photodynamic therapy (PDT) in human gastric cancer cells (SGC-7901). An MTT assay was used to detect the effect of AE-induced PDT in optimal concentrations and(More)
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