Shi-Tao Zhang

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Given that most species that have ever existed on earth are extinct, it stands to reason that the evolutionary history can be better understood with fossil taxa. Bauhinia is a typical genus of pantropical intercontinental disjunction among the Asian, African, and American continents. Geographic distribution patterns are better recognized when fossil records(More)
Methyltrioxorhenium is a novel and efficient organometallic catalyst. It has exhibited amazingly high activities in a variety of organic reactions, and can form compounds with Lewis base. Thus, the improvement of its synthesis rate has become a pop topic all over the world. The content of rhenium in raffinate and residue from the synthesis of(More)
Interpretation of the biogeography of the genus Mahonia (Berberidaceae) is limited by the lack of fossil records in East Asia. Compressed fossil foliage, described here as Mahonia mioasiatica sp. nov., were collected from the Upper Miocene Xiaolongtan Formation in Wenshan, Yunnan, southwest China. These specimens represent the oldest reliable fossil record(More)
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