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In this letter, we consider hierarchical cooperative spectrum sensing based on two-threshold energy detection in cognitive radio networks. In order to solve the sensing failure problem in conventional two-threshold energy detection, soft combination of the observed energy value from different cognitive radio users is investigated. Encouraged by the(More)
Chinese chive (A. tuberosum Rottler ex Spr.) is one of the most widely cultivated Allium species in China. However, minimal transcriptomic and genomic data are available to reveal its evolution and genetic diversity. In this study, de novo transcriptome sequencing was performed to produce large transcript sequences using an Illumina HiSeq 2000 instrument.(More)
This first-attempt study disclosed how and why electron-shuttling mediators were capable to stimulate bioelectricity-generating capabilities of dye-bearing microbial fuel cells (MFCs) using Proteus hauseri. Due to significant biotoxicity of 4-aminophenol (4AP) and the absence of electron-mediating potential of 3AP, only 2AP among all isomers could work as(More)
As decolorized intermediates could play a role of electron-shuttling mediator to enhance the performance of dye decolorization and bioelectricity generation, this study selected model compounds with auxochromes (e.g., benzene-1,2-diol, 1,2-diaminobenzene) to explore how chemical structure(s) affected color removal and power producing capabilities in(More)
This study unveiled a new strategy to explore new indigenous strains with excellent decolorization capabilities from freshwaters and seawaters. Two new bacterial decolorizers DX2b and SH7b, which have the capability to decolorize textile dyes, were isolated from Cross-Strait Taiwan and China. According to PCR-augmented 16S rRNA gene analyses for strain(More)
Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.) has long been cultivated as a vegetable and spice for its flavor and aroma. However, transcriptomic and genomic data for A. fistulosum remain scarce. The goal of this study was to generate transcript sequences for functional genomic analyses, and identify genes potentially involved in sulfur, selenium, and vitamin(More)
By the method of hydroponic culture, and taking Cucurbita ficifolia B. as rootstock, this paper studied the effects of grafting on the root polyamine metabolism of cucumber seedlings under copper stress. The results showed that under copper stress, the root activities of cucumber seedlings were inhibited, and electrolyte leakage increased, with these(More)