Shi Mun Kim

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To quantify the effects of an acute phase response in broilers, chicks were injected with 1 mg/kg Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS) at 15 and 23 d. Lipopolysaccharide injection increased feed/gain (P = 0.03), increased liver weight (P = 0.09), and decreased tibia calcium (P = 0.05) and breaking strength (P < 0.04) by d 28. In a second experiment, 3(More)
BACKGROUND Natural cytotoxicity, mediated by natural killer (NK) cells plays an important role in the inhibition and elimination of malignant tumor cells. To investigate the immunoregulatory role of NK cells and their potential as diagnostic markers, NK cell activity (NKA) was analyzed in prostate cancer (PCa) patients with particular focus on NK cell(More)
Two experiments were conducted with White Leghorn laying hens to study the effects of different cereal grains on production criteria and liver fat content. The results of Experiment 1, in which pullets 21 weeks of age were used for a period of 22 weeks indicated that Gaines wheat or triticale (Trailblazer) were equal to corn in supporting egg production,(More)
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