Shi-Ming Zhang

Xiang-Zhi Liu1
Qi-Li Lin1
1Xiang-Zhi Liu
1Qi-Li Lin
1Li-Ye Yang
1Jia-Kun Zheng
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BACKGROUND Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection was the main cause of cervical cancer. There were only a few reports and detailed data about epidemiological research of HPV infection in rural population of China. MATERIALS AND METHODS The cervical cells of rural Chaozhou women were collected, and multiplex real time PCR was firstly performed to detect(More)
We propose a new approach to clustering high dimensional data based on a novel notion of cluster cores, instead of on nearest neighbors. A cluster core is a fairly dense group with a maximal number of pairwise similar objects. It represents the core of a cluster, as all objects in a cluster are with a great degree attracted to it. As a result, building(More)
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