Shi-Lun Yang

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Tidal wetlands play an important role in dissipating hydrodynamic energy. Wave attenuation in vegetation depends on plant characteristics, as well as on hydrodynamic conditions. In the pioneer zone of salt marshes, species co-occur that differ widely in their growth strategies, and it is anticipated that these species act differently on incoming waves. In(More)
Using the ArcGIS geostatistical analysis module, this work investigated the spatial distribution pattern of heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Cr, Cd) and their deposition fluxes in the intertidal surface sediments of Eastern Chongming based on the analysis of grain size, heavy metal concentrations and organic carbon content. The spatial interpolation (Kriging) was(More)
Lake Dongting, the second largest freshwater lake in China and located in the middle reaches of the River Yangtze catchment, was formed at the beginning of the Holocene period by sea level rise and has varied in size with changes in local weather patterns. The sedimentation rate in Lake Dongting during the Holocene is about 50×10 6 m 3 yr –1 , or 80×10 6 t(More)
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