Shi-Liang Shi

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New modular chiral phosphines effective for two distinct Cu(I)-catalyzed asymmetric tetrasubstituted-carbon-forming reactions, namely, allylation and propargylation of ketones, were identified. The optimized phosphine 8 was readily synthesized on a gram scale in high yield via three facile transformations (O-alkylation, bisaminal formation, and(More)
A general catalytic enantioselective method that can produce five-, six-, and seven-membered N-heterocycles possessing various ketone moieties starting from stable and easily available cyclic hemiaminals and ketones was developed. The method involves three successive steps in one pot (aldol addition, dehydration, and enantioselective intramolecular(More)
Ynones as diene surrogates: the asymmetric synthesis of enantiomerically enriched substituted dihydropyranones is described. The products are obtained in two steps by a copper(I)-catalyzed direct aldol reaction of ynones followed by a silver-catalyzed oxy-Michael reaction. This easy method is compatible with both aromatic and aliphatic substrates, and(More)
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