Shi Lian Xu

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This study tested the hypothesis that antinociceptive effects of galanin and its receptors in nucleus accumbens (NAc) of rats with inflammatory pain provoked by subcutaneous injection of 0.1 ml of 2% carrageenin into the sole of the rat's left hindpaw. The hindpaw withdrawal latencies (HWLs) in response to thermal and mechanical stimulation significantly(More)
Aerobic granules are microbial aggregates possessing excellent settling ability and high-porosity structure. In this study, aerobic granules as a novel type of biosorbent were used for cerium's removal from aqueous solution simulating the polluted industrial wastewater. Batch trials were conducted at different initial cerium ion and granule concentration.(More)
A wide range of pathologies have been targeted with bimodular aptamers that contain both G-quadruplex (G4) and duplex motifs, while the structures and functions are poorly understood. G4-selective fluorescent dyes have served as facile tools to probe G4s, but not for bimodular aptamers, yet. Here, taking the 29-mer thrombin binding aptamer (TBA29) as an(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the analgesic effect of CQM on photochemically-induced prosopalgia model rats, and discuss its impact on the exciting amino acid neurotransmitter-glutamate (Glu). METHOD Male SD rats were randomly divided into the sham operation group and the prosopalgia group. And the latter was subdivided into the model group, the gabapentin group(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the analgesic effect of sinomenine on the neuropathic pain rat model induced by SSNI, and discuss its impact on monoamine neurotransmitters in striatal extracellular fluid. METHOD Male SD rats were randomly divided into the sham operation group, the SSNI model group, the gabapentin group (100 mg x kg(-1)), the sinomenine high dose(More)
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