Shi Kun Liu

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UNLABELLED To investigate the effect of Perindopril, an angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE) inhibitor, on dysfunction of ECs-dependent relaxation in diabetic rats induced by streptozotocin(STZ) at different times, acetylcholine(Ach)-induced ECs-dependent relaxation of rat aortic rings was tested, and the concentrations of plasma glucose and AngII were(More)
Nontraumatic, simple, and reproducible procedures for the introduction of nonpermeant molecules into adherent mammalian cells by in situ electroporation are described. Cells are grown on a glass slide, half of which is coated with electrically conductive, optically transparent, indium-tin oxide. An electric pulse is applied in the presence of the molecules(More)
To study the effect of protein interactions in vivo upon cellular functions,such complexes may be disrupted through the introduction of peptides corresponding to the proteins' points of contact. In this communication a simple, rapid and reproducible procedure for peptide introduction into adherent cells by electroporation is described. Cells are grown on(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a family of non-coding RNA that are able to adjust the expression of many proteins, including ATP-binding cassette transporter and organic cation transporter. We sought to evaluate the effect of miR-511 on the regulation of OATP1B1 expression by free fatty acids. When using free fatty acids to stimulate Chang liver cells, we found(More)
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