Shi-Jie Xiong

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Software systems can be represented as complex networks and their artificial nature can be investigated with approaches developed in network analysis. Influence maximization has been successfully applied on software networks to identify the important nodes that have the maximum influence on the other parts. However, research is open to study the effects of(More)
A symmetrical approach is suggested (Chang DE et al. Nat Phys 3:807, 2007) to realize a single-photon transistor, where the presence (or absence) of a single incident photon in a 'gate' field is sufficient to allow (prevent) the propagation of a subsequent 'signal' photon along the nanowire, on condition that the 'gate' field is symmetrically incident from(More)
In this paper, critical global connectivity of mobile ad hoc communication networks (MAHCN) is investigated. We model the two-dimensional plane on which nodes move randomly with a triangular lattice. Demanding the best communication of the network, we account the global connectivity η as a function of occupancy σ of sites in the lattice by mobile nodes.(More)
We construct differential-integrative equations to investigate the effects of different distributions for the incubation period, defined as the period between receiving of the message and the beginning of the active state, and for the active period, the length of the active state, on the spreading dynamics in a closed system where one member can be(More)
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