Shi Jie Huang

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The correlated activity of developing retinal ganglion cells is essential for the reorganization and refinement of retinogeniculate projections. Previous studies have uncovered marked changes in the spiking properties of retinal ganglion cells during this period of reorganization; however, a full understanding of the changes in the underlying ionic(More)
Much evidence indicates that the memory and cognitive deficits of patients with Alzheimer's disease are closely associated with dysfunction of central cholinergic system. The degree of reduction of choline acetyltransferase activity in cerebral cholinergic neurons is significantly correlated with the severity of dementia or cognitive impairments observed in(More)
Swelling-induced Cl- conductance in cultured rat epididymal cells was characterized using whole cell patch-clamp techniques. Activation of whole cell current with an outwardly rectifying current-potential relationship was observed in cells exposed to hyposmotic solutions. This current was determined, from the observed current-reversal potentials at(More)
The present study aimed to examine whether the aged mice with naturally occurring cognitive deficits in learning and memory would benefit from supplementation of choline acetyltransferase (ChAT), the biosynthetic enzyme for neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Delivered by protein transduction domain (PTD), ChAT could pass through the blood-brain barrier, enter(More)
1. Activation of both anion and cation conductances was observed in primary cultured human epididymal cells during osmotic swelling under the patch-clamp whole-cell configuration. The swelling-induced anion conductance was 25.66 +/- 4.70 nS and the cation conductance was 7.35 +/- 1.40 nS. The permeability ratio of K+ to Cl- (PK/PCl) was calculated to be(More)
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