Shi-Hong Luo

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A phytochemical study of the invasive Eupatorium adenophorum indicated that the plant was rich in a phenolic compound o-coumaric acid (or 2-hydroxycoumaric acid). Biological investigations with the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and crop plants showed that o-coumaric acid strongly inhibited seed germination, plant growth and root elongation, reduced the(More)
Three new drimane sesquiterpenoids (1–3) together with the known 2α-hydroxyisodrimeninol (4), and a new isochromone derivative (5), were obtained from the solid cultures of fungal strain Pestalotiopsis sp. M-23, an endophytic fungus isolated from the leaves of Leucosceptrum canum (Labiatae). Their structures were determined by comprehensive 1D and 2D NMR,(More)
The perennial herbaceous plant Euphorbia jolkinii (Euphorbiaceae) is a noxious weed widely distributed in the grasslands of northwestern Yunnan and has greatly threatened the local biodiversity. Phytochemical investigation on the fresh roots of E. jolkinii afforded six new diterpenoids 1, 2, 4–6, and 8, together with fifteen known diterpenoids. Their(More)
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