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Horizontal cells (HCs) mediate negative feedback to photoreceptors. In the mammalian retina, there are two types of HCs, which are extensively coupled to neighboring cells through homologous gap junctions. The permeability and therefore the strength of feedback can be regulated by light intensity, dopamine and many other factors. However, the component(s)(More)
: The main reasons of the oil pipeline accidents is wall thinning due to corrosion and cracks. This topic develops a broad-band ultrasonic pig technology to detect pipeline corrosion and cracks。The technique can automatically measure wall thickness、diameter and detect axial crack flaw entirely and it can solve the misjudgments and miss judgment during(More)
This paper presents the design and hydrodynamic model of an autonomous robot for cleaning rubbish floating on the surface of a lake. We first address criteria and technical issues in designing such a lake surface cleaning robot (LSCR). A prototype robot with 4 pontoons is further developed. This paper also models hydrodynamics of the prototype robot using(More)
Antibiotic resistance is a global challenge and represents a growing threat on human health worldwide. Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are generally considered as hotspots for control and/or dissemination of antibiotic resistance. The role of antibiotics, antibacterial residues, and heavy metals played on the evolution and spread of antibiotic(More)
Satisfiability Modulo Theories techniques can check if a formula is satisfiable. In many cases, not only the qualitative judgment (satisfiable or not) but also the quantitative judgment (the dimension and size of the solution space) are of practical interest. For instance, the volume of path condition formula reflects the probability of the corresponding(More)
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