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For an IT service provider, incident management process in which particularly incident prioritization plays a pivotal role in the improvement of service quality and maximization of business profits. Traditional prioritization methods are concern impact and urgency exclusively but overlook financial losses and risks. In this work, an optimal method is(More)
The synthesis of four biscrown ether compaounds(I–IV)containing β,β′ acid esters naphthyl bridge chain is reported. New crown ether compounds are obtained by one-step reactions from the corresponding 4′-imino(β-hydroxynaphthyl) benzo-15-crown-5 with propionyl dichloride, and o, m, p-trikind phenoxy acetyl chlorides in anhydrous DMSO or trichloromethane at(More)
Urban green spaces play an important role in urban ecosystems, they provide diverse environmental and social services to improve the quality of life in cities. In this study, based on the high resolution remote sensing images and other auxiliary data, we conducted a suitability analysis for the city of Changzhou under the support of Geographic Information(More)
Accessibility of urban parks is an important indicator in urban green space system. Urban construction is increasingly focusing on system services of green space. Based on ArcGIS, this article calculates the accessibility of the study area using the buffer analysis and cost-weighted distance methods, analyzes the service area and its population, and(More)
Using the remote sensing image of Yutian county of Hebei province on Google earth in 2006, the information of urban green space was collected with the support of GIS, and the rank, distribution and space structural measurement of urban green space patches were investigated and analyzed by using the landscape ecology theory. Based on the districts of the(More)
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