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The sex pheromone of a globally invasive honey bee predator, the Asian eusocial hornet, Vespa velutina
The Asian hornet, Vespa velutina, is an invasive, globally-distributed predator of European honey bees and other insects. To better under its reproductive biology and to find a specific, effective,Expand
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Poison and alarm: the Asian hornet Vespa velutina uses sting venom volatiles as an alarm pheromone
ABSTRACT In colonial organisms, alarm pheromones can provide a key fitness advantage by enhancing colony defence and warning of danger. Learning which species use alarm pheromone and the keyExpand
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Manuscript in preparation as a Report for Journal of Insect Physiology. The Nasonov gland pheromone as a potential source of death cue in Apis cerana.
The ability to detect and remove dead adult bees is an essential part of honeybee colony fitness that prevents the spread of pathogens. Fatty acid olfactory cues stimulate undertaking behavior amongExpand