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Software analytics is to enable software practitioners to perform data exploration and analysis in order to obtain <i>insightful</i> and <i>actionable</i> information for data-driven tasks around software and services. In this position paper, we advocate that when applying analytic technologies in practice of software analytics, one should (1) incorporate a(More)
Software hangs can be caused by expensive operations in responsive actions (such as time-consuming operations in UI threads). Some of the expensive operations depend on the input workloads, referred to as workload-dependent performance bottlenecks (WDPBs). WDPBs are usually caused by workload-dependent loops (i.e., WDPB loops) that contain relatively(More)
Real-world execution traces record performance problems that are likely perceived at deployment sites. However, those problems can be rooted subtly and deeply into system layers or other components far from the place where delays are initially observed. To tackle challenges of identifying deeply rooted problems, we propose a new trace-based approach(More)
Given limited resource and time before software release, development-site testing and debugging become more and more insufficient to ensure satisfactory software performance. As a counterpart for debugging in the large pioneered by the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting (WER) system focusing on crashing/hanging bugs, performance debugging in the large has(More)
This paper addresses 3D face recognition from facial shape. Firstly, we present an effective method to automatically extract ROI of facial surface, which mainly depends on automatic detection of facial bilateral symmetry plane and localization of nose tip. Then we build a reference plane through the nose tip for calculating the relative depth values.(More)
Many applications exist for automatically finding and reading barcodes in complex scenes with a camera. The key problem is to search barcodes in a complex scene and supply them for a reading subsystem. However, illumination, rotation, perspective distortion and multiple barcodes circumstances make barcode localization difficult. By jointly analyzing texture(More)
With software analytics, software practitioners explore and analyze data to obtain insightful, actionable information for tasks regarding software development, systems, and users. The StackMine project produced a software analytics system for Microsoft product teams. The project provided lessons on applying software analytics technologies to positively(More)
BACKGROUND The EEG-Bispectral Index (BIS) is a processed EEG information that has been validated as a means to measure the hypnotic effect of anesthetic drugs. In this study we evaluated the BIS changes in induction of anesthesia with ketamine in comparison with that of thiamylal. METHODS Forty ASA class I and II adult female patients undergoing elective(More)
Super-resolution is a technique to restore the detailed information from the degenerated data. Lots of previous work is for 2D images while super-resolution of 3D models was little addressed. This paper fo-cuses on the super-resolution of 3D human faces. We firstly extend the 2D image pyramid model to the progressive resolution chain (PRC) model in 3D(More)