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Various molecular methods have been developed to rapidly detect clarithromycin (CLR) resistance in Helicobacter pylori isolates in clinical specimens. All of these assays for detecting CLR resistance in H. pylori are based on detection of mutations in the 23S rRNA gene. In this article, we summarise current knowledge regarding the detection of H. pylori CLR(More)
Macrolide drugs, such as clarithromycin (CAM), are a key component of many combination therapies used to eradicate Helicobacter pylori. However, resistance to CAM is increasing in H. pylori and is becoming a serious problem in H. pylori eradication therapy. CAM resistance in H. pylori is mostly due to point mutations (A2142G/C, A2143G) in the(More)
BACKGROUND Integrins are cell-surface adhesion molecules, regulate normal cellular interactions, and which are consisting of α and β subunits and facilitate signal transduction in a bidirectional manner. Tumor cells have been found to express a wide variety of integrins, overexpression of integrin αv has been detected in a growing number of human malignancy(More)
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