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OBJECTIVE To describe the time point prevalence and distribution of all types of mental disorders in Hebei Province. METHODS From October 2004 to March 2005, stratified multi-stage cluster randomization was used to identify 24,000 subjects ≥18 years of age in Hebei Province. An expanded version of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) was used to(More)
The DNA-binding domain of the human transcription factor E2F1 was expressed in Escherichia coli. Through a single purification step using a Ni2+ column, 40-50 mg of the highly purified recombinant protein was obtained from 1 liter of bacterial culture. In addition, it was shown that the recombinant protein had higher stability and solubility under acidic(More)
The structure of a synthesized peptide with the sequence GVVDLNWAAEVLKVQKRRIYDITNVLEGIQ which corresponds to residues 149-178 of transcription factor E2F-1 was determined by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance in 40% d3-TFE/water. NOE cross peaks and alphaH chemical shifts indicate that the peptide consists of a helix from Ala-8 to Leu-26 in this solution.(More)
The structure of a synthesized peptide with the sequence of NHILPNESAYDQKNIRRRVYDALNVLMAMNIISK that corresponds to residues 151-184 of transcription factor DP-1 (Girling et al., Nature 362 (1993) 83-87) was determined by 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance in water and 40% d3-trifluoroethanol/water, respectively. Nuclear Overhauser effect cross peaks, alphaH(More)
The nonlinear absorptive property of a novel metal cluster [WS(4)Cu(3)I(4-bpy)3]n in DMF solution is studied by using an open-aperture Z-scan technique with picosecond and nanosecond laser pulses at the wavelength of 532 nm. The experimental results show that the cluster has strong nonlinear absorption under the 8 ns pulse excitation and a relatively weak(More)
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