Shi Guang Qiu

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The subcellular locations of two potyviral proteins, the coat (CP) and nonstructural cylindrical inclusion (CI) proteins of tobacco vein mottling virus (TVMV), during early stages in the development of systemic infections in plants, have been investigated. Ultrathin sections of newly emerged leaves in infected plants were treated with antibodies specific to(More)
We have identified regions of CaMV strain W260 involved in systemic infection of Nicotiana bigelovii and Datura stramonium by constructing chimeric viruses between W260 and CM1841, a strain that is unable to systemically infect any solanaceous host. All of the chimeric viruses systemically infected turnips, demonstrating the viability of the chimeric(More)
Gene II of cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV), which encodes an 18-kDa protein originally identified as an aphid transmission factor (ATF), influences host specificity in a light-dependent manner. A point mutation within the ATF gene that occurs in several CaMV strains was responsible for conditioning light-dependent systemic infections. A point mutant of CaMV(More)
To select some "valuable" views for materialization is an essential challenge in OLAP system design. Several techniques proposed previously are not very scalable for systems with a large number of dimensional attributes in the very dynamic OLAP environment. In this paper, we propose two filtering methods. Our first method, the functional dependency filter,(More)
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