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We investigated structural disorder by a new structural parameter, quasi-nearest atom (QNA), in atomistic configurations of eight metallic glass-forming systems generated through molecular dynamics simulations at various temperatures. Structural analysis reveals that the scaled distribution of the number of QNA appears to be an universal property of(More)
Here, we present a temperature (T) dependent comparison between field-effect and Hall mobilities in field-effect transistors based on few-layered WSe2 exfoliated onto SiO2. Without dielectric engineering and beyond a T-dependent threshold gate-voltage, we observe maximum hole mobilities approaching 350 cm(2)/Vs at T = 300 K. The hole Hall mobility reaches a(More)
We report simulations on the local structural evolution in the liquid-bcc transition of a model iron. Fourteen main Voronoi polyhedra are chosen as the representatives of short-range orders (SROs) and their transformations during crystallization are also investigated. Thus, the crystallization pathways for the main SROs are drawn. Our results also show that(More)
Resonant Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool for providing information about excitons and exciton-phonon coupling in two-dimensional materials. We present here resonant Raman experiments of single-layered WS2 and WSe2 using more than 25 laser lines. The Raman excitation profiles of both materials show unexpected differences. All Raman features of WS2(More)
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