Shi-Ching Huang

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Orchids are one of the most diversified angiosperms, but few genomic resources are available for these non-model plants. In addition to the ecological significance, Phalaenopsis has been considered as an economically important floriculture industry worldwide. We aimed to use massively parallel 454 pyrosequencing for a global characterization of the(More)
Previous studies have identified mutant strains of Staphylococcus aureus that have deficiencies in genetic recombination and DNA repair. Although these phenotypes were tentatively attributed to mutations within the S. aureus recA gene, experimental evidence to confirm this has never been reported. To characterize recA from S. aureus, we first isolated(More)
Orchids are one of the most species rich of all angiosperm families. Their extraordinary floral diversity, especially conspicuous labellum morphology, makes them the successful species during evolution process. Because of the fine and delicate development of the perianth, orchid provides a rich subject for studying developmental biology. However, study on(More)
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