Shi Chaojian

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Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) are the most important navigational systems on board. ARPA is considered as the primary anti-collision system, but its detecting ability, tracking accuracy and reliability are affected badly under the rough environmental weather condition. AIS provide steady and continuous(More)
In unwrapping interferograms with large size and dense residues, the path-following algorithm as a fundamental unwrapping method may produce retrieval error caused by long branch-cuts and repetitive connection of residues. In this paper, two unwrapping algorithms, i.e. the multiple patches method connecting opposite residues and the center expansion method(More)
Public safety concerns have been raised by potential safety problems due to deformation of infrastructures such as railways, highways and bridges. Monitoring the deformation of large-scale man-made linear objects (LMLO) by permanent scatters (PS) interferomerty would be critical to prevent this kind of disasters. However, the estimation of LMLO deformation(More)
With the expansion of the transportation volume at sea, maritime search and rescue became an enormous task. To improve the rate of life saving, this paper puts forward a vision enhancement system based on infrared video for the maritime search and rescue. A method is proposed for detecting and tracking targets at sea. Based on the characteristics of(More)
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