Sheung Mei Ng

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BACKGROUND Chronic pain is common among the older population. A literature review on pain management program showed that exercise, yoga, massage therapy, Tai Chi, and music therapy could significantly reduce pain. In spite of the proven benefits of pain management programs, these intervention programs were effective only in the short term, and older adults(More)
Here, an approach for synthesizing large-area and high-quality MoS2 flakes was developed. In addition, we made up the MoS2 photoelectric detector and studied the photocurrent response of the detector. We firstly used the ceramic pieces to control MoO3 evaporation for obtaining large-area MoS2. Our CVD reaction is hydrogen free, very simple operation, high(More)
With a similar electronic structure as that of platinum, molybdenum carbide (Mo2C) holds significant potential as a high performance catalyst across many chemical reactions. Empirically, the precise control of particle size, shape, and surface nature during synthesis largely determines the catalytic performance of nanoparticles, giving rise to the need of(More)
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