Sheue-Ling Hwang

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The emergency response center (ERC) plays a very important role in risk control within the modern semiconductor manufacturing industry. This study develops the fire-detecting expert support system (FDESS) on an intellectual mobile device, as a tutoring and decision-assistance tool that can support the supervisors of ERC in emergency operation control. In(More)
This study employs simulated electronic paper to investigate critical issues and focuses on improving legibility of display and reducing users' visual fatigue. Three critical factors--choice of surface treatment, ambient illumination, and bending curvature--are evaluated through the method of a letter-search task. The results show that subjects performed(More)
Human performance on color discrimination in visual display terminals may be affected by illuminant colors, the level of ambient illumination and background colors of the monitor. Few studies have focused on this topic. This study investigated human color discrimination ability in a simulated control room. Ten subjects were recruited as participants to(More)
Many studies have investigated the performance of using nonkey-board input devices under static situations, but few have considered the effects of motion type on manipulating these input devices. In this study comparison of 12 mens' performance using four input devices (three trackballs: currently used, trackman wheel, and erectly held trackballs, as well(More)