Shesheng Zhang

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Near ship water field, computing Green's Function with large parameter is discussed, the differential equation and boundary condition are considered by using Dirac delta function, and analyzing solution is represented as integration. The convergence series is obtain for large parameter, and parallel computing results show that convergence speed is high.
A parallel algorithm of non-linear high order boundary condition problem is discussed, and super-cavitation hydrofoil with finite span near free surface is given. by using non-linear initial boundary two dimension condition and three dimension lifting line theories, the numeric results of a flat plate hydrofoil are better than that of Furuya.
It is useful for researcher to predict amount of general program supported by NSFC. This paper explores the history data of amount of general program supported by NSFC, builds a regression equation of general program amount, analyses regression parameters by employing variance analysis method, and obtains predicting amount domain of general program(More)
This paper provides a tree crown reconstruction method. We calculate the total lighted area a leaf receives in a day and analyze the best included angle between a pair of leaves when their mutual overlap is considered. By using discrete summation and equilibrium condition of forces we conclude that when leaf angle is consistent with light angle, the(More)
According to the physical and chemical properties of α-amino acid and Cα atoms, a parallel model is constructed to calculate Cα contact number. With the introduction of the concept of contact number of Cα atoms in protein, the atomic number proportion of Cα atoms is given. The average contact number and average rate of(More)
Inverse heat conduction problem can be found in many engineering fields, and has the characteristics of nonlinearity, ill-posedness and massive-computation. In this paper, a parallel Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed to solve inverse heat conduction problem, after choosing parameters determining condition. The numeric results show that(More)
Study on water lubricated rubber bearing has important theoretical significance and applied value in military affairs. This paper builds a low noise composite rubber bearing parallel computing model, and drives the difference equations of bearing displacement. According to the step values, the parallel computing algorithm is given, and the convergence time(More)
It is a hot problem to research laser electric attack armament. The paper discusses heat transfer parallel calculation of the laser electric attack armament. The initial boundary condition problem is given according to the target attacked by laser weapon. The difference method is applied to solve partial derive equation by using domain decomposition method.(More)
In the atrocious sea conditions, the aircraft forced landing on water is a significant research project of the military affairs and aerospace. Considering the impact of waves on aircraft, the dynamic parallel computing model of aircraft forced landing is established, and the impact force's function of the angle between the aircraft and the slant wave(More)
The fluid-solid coupling hydrodynamics parallel model of large ship is built based on VOSS mapping theory. The VOSS algorithm of large ship's wave is given, and the control equation and initial boundary conditions are derived from fluid hydrodynamic theory and solid elastic theory. The numerical results show the VOSS transfer of ship fluid-solid coupling(More)