Sheryl Rubinstein

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Mutations (crsA47 and crsA4) in the major sigma factor gene (rpoD) of Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase have been found to be powerful intergenic suppressors of spoOB, spoOE, spoOF, spoOK and spoIIG mutations. The crsA47 suppressor restores sporulation of spoOE, spoOF, spoOK and spoIIG mutants to levels near those of wild type bacteria and substantially(More)
A collection of intergenic suppressors of the Bacillus subtilis spoOF221 mutation has been isolated. One of these suppressors, rvtA, has been mapped between lys-1 and aroD. The rvtA suppressor restores spoOF sporulation to wild type levels and substantially improves the sporulation efficiencies of spoOB and spoOE strains. The rvtA gene does not affect the(More)
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