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i SUMMARY America's largest wetland community is losing its marshes and swamps to the Gulf of Mexico. The wetlands of coastal Louisiana are being converted to open water at a rate of fifty square miles per year, largely as a result of maintaining shipping lanes, the dredging of canals, flood control levees, and the withdrawal of oil and gas. If current(More)
About the cover: The map is of Southeast Louisiana and its coastline. It shows active fault lines and related geological features in the region. Journal Editor's Note: The thesis presented in this article, if generally accepted, would have a significant impact on the practice of geotechnical engineering and the infrastructure decisions in the region, and on(More)
The precision and accuracy of two Kodak Ektachem DT-60 portable blood analyzers were assessed in a model (research) cholesterol screening program in Rochester, New York. Between June and October 1987, a total of 8,573 people underwent a cholesterol screening held in a movable trailer. A wide variety of temperature, humidity, and other potentially adverse(More)
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Serum specimens from 77 paraphilic sex offenders in treatment at a major community-based sexual disorders clinic were examined for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. In addition to their paraphilic ("sexually deviant") activities, most patients had also had nonparaphilic sexual contacts with consenting adult partners. These patients had engaged(More)
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