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Body Shape Variation Between Two Populations of the White Goby, Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton and Buchanan)
Discriminant function analysis showed that both populations of Glosssogobius giuris exhibit sexual dimorphism, and body shape between the two populations shows significant difference, with Lake Lanao gobies having bigger head aspect ratio and mouth with a narrower body and more elongated dorsal and anal fins.
Landmark-based geometric morphometrics in visualizing body shape dimorphism in the endemic cyprinid, Puntius tumba (Herre,1924), from Lake Lanao, Philippines
Sexual selection co-acting with ecological selection could account for expression of shape dimorphism between sexes of the endemic cyprinid P. tumba from Lake Lanao, Philippines using landmark-based geometric morphometrics.
Sexual Dimorphism in Tilapia , Oreochromis mossambicus ( Peters , 1852 ) from Lake Lanao , Philippines 1
The major objective of this study is to determine shape dimorphism between sexes of the introduced species of the tilapia O. mossambicus from Lake Lanao Philippines, using landmark-based geometric