Shervan Fekri Ershad

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– Texture classification is one of the problems which has been paid much attention on by computer scientists since late 90s. If texture classification is done correctly and accurately, it can be used in many cases such as Pattern recognition, object tracking, and shape recognition. So far, there have been so many methods offered to solve this problem. Near(More)
Texture classification became one of the problems which has been paid much attention on by image processing scientists since late 80s. Consequently, since now many different methods have been proposed to solve this problem. In most of these methods the researchers attempted to describe and discriminate textures based on linear and non-linear patterns. The(More)
One of the basic tasks which is responded for head of each university department, is employing lecturers based on some default factors such as experience, evidences, qualifies and etc. In this respect, to help the heads, some automatic systems have been proposed until now using machine learning methods, decision support systems (DSS) and etc. According to(More)
Digital image retrieval is one of the major concepts in image processing. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed to retrieve digital images from huge databases which using texture analysis techniques to extract discriminant features together with color and shape features. The proposed approach consist three steps. In the first one, shape detection is(More)
Feature reduction is an important concept which is used for reducing dimensions to decrease the computation complexity and time of classification. Since now many approaches have been proposed for solving this problem, but almost all of them just presented a fix output for each input dataset that some of them aren't satisfied cases for classification. In(More)
From The late 90 th , "Skin Detection" becomes one of the major problems in image processing. If "Skin Detection" will be done in high accuracy, it can be used in many cases as face recognition, Human Tracking and etc. Until now so many methods were presented for solving this problem. In most of these methods, color space was used to extract feature vector(More)
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