Sherryll L Layton

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BACKGROUND A variety of techniques have been described which introduce scarless, site-specific chromosomal mutations. These techniques can be applied to make point mutations or gene deletions as well as insert heterologous DNA into bacterial vectors for vaccine development. Most methods use a multi-step approach that requires cloning and/or designing repeat(More)
Avian influenza (AI) is a significant public health concern and serious economic threat to the commercial poultry industry worldwide. Previous research demonstrates that antibodies against M2e confer protection against influenza challenge. Using the Red recombinase system in combination with overlapping extension PCR, we recently developed several novel(More)
Attenuated Salmonella Enteriditis (ΔSE) recombinant vaccine vectors incorporating a Salmonella flagellar filament protein (fliC) subunit, a putative cell-mediated epitope, for expression of the lamB gene (encoding a maltose outer membrane porin), with or without co-expression of a putative immune-enhancing CD154 oligopeptide, were developed and compared(More)
Two independent trials were conducted in the present study to evaluate the effect of 5% glycerol supplementation combined with dietary FloraMax-B11 (FM) against Salmonella Enteritidis colonization in neonate broiler chickens. In each trial, 60 chicks were randomly assigned into 4 groups. Group 1 received a control diet. Group 2 received a control diet(More)
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