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BACKGROUND Although colon wounds are commonly treated in the setting of damage control laparotomy (DCL), a paucity of data exist to guide management. The purpose of this study was to evaluate our experience with the management of colonic wounds in the context of DCL, using colonic wound outcomes after routine, single laparotomy (SL) as a benchmark. (More)
Although laboratory studies indicate that female rodents better tolerate the deleterious consequences of trauma and have higher survival rates than male rodents, it remains unclear whether a similar gender dimorphic pattern is evident in humans. In view of this, the association between gender and mortality in trauma patients admitted to a University Level I(More)
There are several candidate neuroprotective agents that have been shown in preclinical testing to improve outcomes following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Xiao and colleagues have performed an in hospital, double blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial utilizing progesterone in the treatment of patients sustaining TBI evaluating safety and long term(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies show an apparent survival advantage associated with the administration of higher cumulative ratios of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) to packed red blood cells (PRBC). It remains unclear how temporal factors and survival bias may influence these results. The objective of this study was to evaluate the temporal relationship between blood(More)
BACKGROUND Although the "open abdomen" has likely contributed to improved outcomes in trauma patients, the challenge of subsequent fascial closure has emerged. Since mid 2004, we have incorporated Wittmann Patch staged abdominal closure into our management of the open abdomen. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of this device on our(More)
OBJECTIVE There were two aims of this study. The first was to evaluate the application of helical computed tomography of the thorax (HCTT) for the diagnosis of blunt aortic injury (BAI). The second was to evaluate the efficacy of beta-blockers with or without nitroprusside in preventing aortic rupture. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Aortography has been the(More)
OBJECTIVE This prospective trial examined the efficacy of using bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) for the diagnosis of pneumonia (PN) and the utility of Gram's stain (GS) for dictating empiric therapy. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Posttraumatic nosocomial PN remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. However, its diagnosis is elusive, especially in(More)
BACKGROUND Although early enteral feeding clearly reduces septic morbidity after blunt and penetrating trauma, data for head-injured patients are conflicting. This study examines the effects of early vs delayed enteral feedings on outcome in patients with severe closed-head injuries with a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score greater than 3 and less than 11. (More)
BACKGROUND To date, attempts to assess the relationship between motor vehicle collision (MVC)-related mortality and medical resources availability have largely been unsuccessful. METHODS Information regarding sociodemographic characteristics, prehospital resources, and hospital-based resources for each county (n = 67) in the state of Alabama was obtained.(More)
CONTEXT Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health problem in the United States, yet no treatment is currently available to improve outcome after TBI. Approved for use in TBI in 59 countries, citicoline is an endogenous substance offering potential neuroprotective properties as well as facilitated neurorepair post injury. OBJECTIVE To(More)