Sherry L. Winter

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Little is known about mammalian preRC stoichiometry, the number of preRCs on chromosomes, and how this relates to replicon size and usage. We show here that, on average, each 100-kb of the mammalian genome contains a preRC composed of approximately one ORC hexamer, 4-5 MCM hexamers, and 2 Cdc6. Relative to these subunits, ∼0.35 total molecules of the(More)
BACKGROUND Control of the onset of DNA synthesis in mammalian cells requires the coordinated assembly and activation of the pre-Replication Complex. In order to understand the regulatory events controlling preRC dynamics, we have investigated how the timing of preRC assembly relates temporally to other biochemical events governing progress into S-phase. (More)
BACKGROUND The breast cancer susceptibility gene, BRCA1, is implicated in multiple cellular processes including DNA repair, the transactivation of genes, and the ubiquitination of proteins; however its precise functions remain to be fully understood. Identification and characterization of BRCA1 protein interactions may help to further elucidate the function(More)
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