Sherry L. Clark

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The CD4+ CD25+ regulatory T cells play a critical role in controlling autoimmunity, but little is known about their development and maintenance. In this study, we investigated whether CD4+ CD25- cells can convert to CD4+ CD25+ regulatory T cells in vivo under natural conditions. CD4+ CD25- cells from CD45.1+ mice were sorted and transferred into congenic(More)
Large quantities of morphine injected directly into the brainstem of spinal anaesthetized cats inhibited the noxious heat-evoked excitation of dorsal horn neurones. The amounts required were similar to those that were required intravenously in cats with the spinal cord intact or transected. When the spinal cord was intact the amount of morphine(More)
1 The effect of substance P on contractions of the nictitating membrane and pressor responses to acetylcholine (ACh) and dimethylphenyl-piperazinium (DMPP) which were mediated via nocotinic receptors was studied in cats anaesthetized with chloralose.2 Substance P (2-20 nmol) injected into the lingual artery giving estimated concentrations in arterial blood(More)
1--Etorphine, microinjected into the brainstem or administered intravenously, inhibited the firing of dorsal horn neurones to noxious heat in spinal or non-spinal anaesthetized cats and in decerebrate, non-anaesthetized cats with intact spinal cords. 2--Small doses of etorphine sometimes caused facilitation, especially when the cord was intact, but this was(More)
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