Sherry Krawitz

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Rare, generally pediatric oligodendroglioma-like neoplasms with extensive leptomeningeal dissemination have been interpreted variably as glial, oligodendroglial or glioneuronal. The clinicopathologic features have not been fully characterized. We studied 36 patients, 12 females and 24 males with a median age of 5 years (range 5 months–46 years). MRI(More)
In spinal motoneurons, late spike frequency adaptation (SFA) is defined as the slowing of the firing rate over tens of seconds and can be seen during sustained or intermittent current injection. Although the function of late SFA is not known, it may result in a decrease in force production over time, or muscle fatigue. Because locomotion can persist for(More)
Three patients are reported in whom treatment of Fanconi's anaemia with androgenic steroids was complicated by the development of either primary hepatocellular cancer (PHC) or peliosis hepatis. The first, a White woman aged 34 years, was found to have PHC after receiving first methyltestosterone and then oxymetholone for a total period of 7 years. She died(More)
Peripheral blood cells from a female infant with Down syndrome and over 60% circulating myeloblasts were cultured in soft agar. Growth was virtually restricted to cluster formation, and cluster-forming cells resided almost exclusively in the very light density fraction (SG less than 1.062). Morphological assessment of clusters revealed no evidence of(More)
The folic acid clearance test of Chanarin (1958) has been studied in normal white subjects, patients with megaloblastic anaemia, healthy Bantu males, Bantu females, hospital patients without anaemia, and in patients with scurvy. The test clearly distinguishes patients with megaloblastic anaemia, where clearance from the plasma of injected folic acid is(More)
In the present study, 6 out of 100 patients who had an attempted or actual external cephalic version (ECV) showed significant feto-maternal haemorrhage, the amount being greatest in patients with "failed" external versions. Thus ECV may be a source of rhesus iso-immunization in a rhesus negative mother with a rhesus positive fetus and should not be(More)
Blastomyces dermatitidis is a dimorphic fungus which is potentially life-threatening if central nervous system (CNS) dissemination occurs. Sixteen patients with proven or probable CNS blastomycosis are presented. Median duration of symptoms was 90 days; headache and focal neurologic deficit were the most common presenting symptoms. Magnetic resonance(More)