Sherry H Olson

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The association of tuberculosis (TB) with poverty has long been recognized, yet it may reflect not only characteristics of poor individuals, but also housing and neighborhood features which promote airborne spread. We sought to determine whether dwelling and building features, residential density and crowding are independently associated with TB occurrence(More)
Unrecognized tuberculosis transmission outside the household has led to "micro-epidemics". We sought to evaluate how frequently locations outside the household were addressed in tuberculosis contact investigations, and to identify associated patient factors. We reviewed all tuberculosis patients reported in Montreal, Canada, during 1996-2004. Among this(More)
We are all aware today of the growing interest in continuing medical education (CME) programmes in many European Countries and it is important to understand why and how CME could become an international reality. It is obvious that patients need a good doctor--the best possible--as far as medical knowledge, attention to the patient's quality of life and(More)
For a strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mono-resistant to pyrazinamide (PZA), we report the geographic distribution within Quebec of the 77 cases diagnosed during 1990-2000. Known as the Quebec mutation (or the pncA deletion), the strain is rare in urban areas and showed an unexpected concentration in Mauricie, one of the 16 health districts of the(More)
In the City of Montreal, 1881, the presence of three cultural communities with different profiles of economic status makes it possible to observe the way social settings affected survival over a lifetime. Regression models show culturally determined maternal factors dominant for infants, and persistent throughout childhood. For post-neonates, children aged(More)
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