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Improving patient self-management of multiple sclerosis through a disease therapy management program.
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of a multiple sclerosis (MS) disease therapy management (DTM) program that incorporates a disease self-management component and a medication therapy managementExpand
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Effect of an intervention to increase statin use in medicare members who qualified for a medication therapy management program.
BACKGROUND The cardiovascular (CV) benefits of lipid-lowering therapy in older adults with hypercholesterolemia and underlying risk factors for coronary artery disease (CAD) have been wellExpand
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Computational Approaches to Poisson Traces Associated to Finite Subgroups of
We reduce the computation of Poisson traces on quotients of symplectic vector spaces by finite subgroups of symphetic automorphisms to a finite one by proving several results that bound the degrees of such traces as well as the dimension in each degree. Expand
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The Novikov conjecture, the group of volume preserving diffeomorphisms and Hilbert-Hadamard spaces
We prove that the Novikov conjecture holds for any discrete group admitting an isometric and metrically proper action on an admissible Hilbert-Hadamard space. Examples of admissible Hilbert-HadamardExpand
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Property RD and the Classification of Traces on Reduced Group $C^*$-algebras of Hyperbolic Groups
In this paper, we show that if G is a non-elementary word hyperbolic group, a ∈ G is an element, and the conjugacy class of a is infinite, then all traces τ : Cred∗(G) → ℂ vanish on a. Moreover, weExpand
Khovanov homology and binary dihedral representations for marked links
Abstract We introduce a version of Khovanov homology for alternating links with marking data, ω , inspired by instanton theory. We show that the analogue of the spectral sequence from KhovanovExpand
Non-orientable link cobordisms and torsion order in Floer homologies
We use unoriented versions of instanton and knot Floer homology to prove inequalities involving the Euler characteristic and the number of local maxima appearing in unorientable cobordisms, whichExpand
On a problem regarding coefficients of cyclotomic polynomials
Abstract Let a n ( k ) be the coefficient of t k in the nth cyclotomic polynomial Φ n ( t ) = ∏ j = 1 gcd ( j , n ) = 1 n ( t − e 2 π j i n ) . Let M ( k ) = lim x → ∞ 1 x ∑ n ⩽ x a n ( k ) be theExpand
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On Congruence Conditions for Primality
We show that the congruence nσk (n) ≡ 2 mod φ(n) in some sense characterizes the primes in the sense that it is satisfied by only finitely many composite n. Expand
Finite Part of Operator $K$-Theory for Groups with Rapid Decay
In this paper we study the part of the $K$-theory of the reduced $C^*$-algebra arising from torsion elements of the group, and in particular we study the pairing of $K$-theory with traces and whenExpand
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