Sherry Everett Jones

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BACKGROUND Policies set at the state, district, and school levels can support and enhance a healthy and safe school environment. METHODS The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducts the School Health Policies and Programs Study every 6 years. In 2006, computer-assisted telephone interviews or self-administered mail questionnaires were completed(More)
BACKGROUND As society continues to focus on the importance of academic achievement, the physical environment of schools should be addressed as 1 of the critical factors that influence academic outcomes. The School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS) 2006 provides, for the first time, a comprehensive look at the extent to which schools have(More)
What should a scientist do with an anomalous experimental result (one which flies in the face of prevailing theories), which is statistically significant (at the five sigma + level), yet which cannot be repeated at will? This is the problem which plagued us early on in our non-plasma or "cold" fusion experiments which began in spring 1986 at Brigham Young(More)
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