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The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a hydration program to improve hydration and prevent conditions associated with dehydration (delirium, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, falls, skin breakdown, and constipation). Data showed a significant increase in fluid in each body compartment, significant decrease in the(More)
Prior to beginning culture change, nursing homes should analyze potential barriers, such as staff turnover, and develop plans to deal with these barriers. Infusion of culture change is dependent on inversion of the organizational structure, placing decision-making in the hands of the older adults. Although data from this study indicated decreased depression(More)
Hip fractures represent a major health problem within the older population, especially for elderly, white women. As the older woman transitions through the recovery process following hip fracture, her ability to meet basic needs, fulfil usual roles, and maintain well-being is threatened. Despite the rehabilitation provided to these women, studies suggest(More)
Many functional, demographic, and immunologic changes associated with aging are responsible for increasing the incidence and severity of infectious diseases in the elderly. Management is complicated by age-related organ system changes. Because many of the elderly are on multiple medications for underlying illnesses, antimicrobial therapy needs to be chosen(More)
Promoting rest and sleep is integral to the profession of nursing. The Sh-h-h-h Project, a nonpharmacological program designed to enhance rest and sleep, was implemented on a hospital medical unit. Nursing assistants provided patients with various modalities to improve sleep, including back rubs, warm drinks, blankets warmed in a blanket warmer,(More)
Recent research indicates that commonly used instruments to assess suicidal ideation identify patients at chronic risk for suicide but do not identify those who are at acute (imminent) risk for suicide while hospitalized. Items to measure anxiety and agitation, identified as more appropriate risk factors, should be incorporated into suicide risk(More)
The cognitive workload of nurses needs to be protected from interruptions as much as possible to prevent untoward patient outcomes. In this study, the type and frequency of work interruptions for nurses in medical-surgical units in a midwestern tertiary care medical center were identified. In addition, nurses' travel patterns were observed and recorded as(More)
After completing 20 hours of classes on promoting the functional status of hospitalized elders, the certified nursing assistants on this medical unit participated in developing a new model of care delivery. Discharge destination (home or nursing home) and length of stay were compared for patients pre- and post-implementation. Length of stay decreased by 2.4(More)
A common complaint among hospitalized elderly patients is discomfort related to the cool environment. The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the effect of the application of a warmed blanket on the level of comfort in elderly hospitalized patients. A sample of 49 older adults who complained of feeling uncomfortable (in pain, being cold, or feeling(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of the Eden Alternative on family satisfaction. DESIGN The study was a one-group pre-post design. Families were surveyed prior to the beginning of implementation of the Eden Alternative and again 2 years later. SETTING The study was conducted at a 150-bed nursing home in the Midwest. (More)