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Support for reform is at its highest level, but criticism of President Bill Clinton's plan is widespread. Nevertheless, the core components of the Clinton plan should be supported. These include (1) building on existing employer-based health insurance with a mandate that employers offer coverage to all workers and pay a substantial portion of the premium;(More)
In this issue, we look at the business side of health care from two different vantage points. First, how will health care fare in 1995 in the context of the overall economy? We've gathered a panel of economic experts to make predictions. Their conclusions? In general, providers won't benefit from a probable upturn in the broader economy.
1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This paper benefitted from the support of many dedicated experts. Particular thanks go to the SIPA team's faculty advisors Professor Shiv Someshwar and Kye Baroang, as well as to the Booz Allen Hamilton Climate Change Center of Excellence team that followed the Capstone process: The research conducted also profited from numerous(More)