Sherry A. Marts

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Female and male brains differ. Differences begin early during development due to a combination of genetic and hormonal events and continue throughout the lifespan of an individual. Although researchers from a myriad of disciplines are beginning to appreciate the importance of considering sex differences in the design and interpretation of their studies,(More)
The field of steroid hormone action is well established, although it is barely more than four decades old. Pivotal experiments in the late 1950s and 1960s showed that hormone-binding components exist within nuclei of target tissues and that steroid hormones act by regulating gene expression, rather than directly influencing enzymatic processes. The(More)
Under the auspices of the Society for Women's Health Research, a thought leaders' roundtable was convened at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in October 2002 to discuss recent advances in environmental health research, particularly those findings that explain sex differences in response to environmental exposures. Researchers(More)
Growth of the Dunning R3327-H prostatic adenocarcinoma, implanted in the rat, is inhibited by 6-methylene progesterone. This compound is a potent inhibitor of rat prostatic 5-alpha-reductase and in-vivo produced marked involution of the prostate. Thus the tumor requires dihydrotestosterone and not testosterone for growth.
Progress in sex-based biology, the study of biological and behavioral differences between males and females, and the impact of those differences on health and disease will require collaboration across research disciplines and medical specialties and among all research approaches, from molecular biology to epidemiology. The importance of sex-based biology to(More)
Studying sex and gender differences is critical to understanding diseases that affect women solely, disproportionately or differently from men. Although inclusion of both sexes is essential in clinical research, advanced technology and analysis methods offer tools to define complex biological and physicochemical differences and improve prevention, diagnosis(More)
We have measured aromatase activity in microsomes obtained from rat ventral prostate, using the 3H2O release method as described by Weisz. Production of 3H2O from 1 beta-[3H]androstenedione correlated with estrogen production measured by RIA and by TLC. The assay was optimized for incubation time and protein concentration, and used to determine the(More)
PURPOSE This survey was undertaken to evaluate the status of women's health curricula at US medical schools. METHODS The Society for Women's Health Research surveyed 125 US medical schools to gather information on the existence of and institutional funding and support for women's health curricula. RESULTS After a minimum of 2 reminder emails, 68 schools(More)